2018-2019 Season Highlights & Awards


Tournament Champions, Turning Point By the Bay #4 (Team 81818X)

Design Award, NorCal Rumble (Team 81818X)

Robot Skills Award, NorCal Rumble (Team 81818X)

Energy Award, NorCal Rumble (Team 81818A)

Judges Award, Google Signature (Team 81818X)

81818X is the first Placer County based high school age VRC California qualifier in vex history

NAtional robotics league (NRL - 15LB Combat bots)

1ST Place, October Obliteration combat (Team washing machine)

2nd place, Sparklecon Smash VI (Team scott)

king of the ring, sparklecon smash vi (team washing machine)

Washing Machine is the first Northern California team to qualify for the NRL National Championships (held May 17-18 in Pennsylvania)