Placer Advanced Robotics & Technology will soon be accepting student applications for the 2019-2020 season:

  • Students must be enrolled in a Placer County high school for 2019-2020, grades 9-12

  • Graduating 8th grade students are eligible to join the team after June 1st, and may apply during the spring

  • To Apply:

    1. Review the student requirements on this page

    2. Complete the Student Application form

    3. Your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee.

    4. Accepted students must sign the Student Contract, Code of Conduct, and Liability Waiver

  • Robotics is a time-intensive, team-centered activity stretched out over a long competition season, and it often ramps up in the weeks before competition as extra practices are needed to get projects, presentations and robots ready to compete. Please use discretion when applying for a spot in a team. While we honor students' commitments to other activities, we expect them to take seriously their commitment to robotics. If a student misses multiple meetings without notification and/or consent, he/she may be removed from the team so that another student can have an opportunity to join.

  • PART considers demonstrated interest / experience in the primary fields: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, design, computer programming, math, sciences (physics, chemistry, materials science), manufacturing/machining, business and marketing. Previous robotics and / or programming background is preferred, but not required

  • The Membership Committee/Board considers multiple criteria, including, but not limited to: demonstrated ability to meet PART team requirements & expectations; prior experiences working in team based environments; team funding and space considerations; number of available team mentors; PART team goals and objectives


PART has year-round activities, with periods of intense time commitments based on the specific programs/competitions.  There are general meetings approximately twice per month.  Program groups (robot teams) meet more frequently and schedules are determined by the program team leadership.

  • Students must attend 80% of meetings in a 6 month period (general and program teams)

  • Students may not miss 3 consecutive general meetings unless excused by the PART Board in advance

  • Students must be engaged and productive at the team meetings, not just physically present

  • Students must approach all aspects of the team in a positive, constructive manner

Team travel events have additional requirements. Students must be in good standing with the club and meet the attendance requirements in order to attend travel events.


PART values and encourages student academic success.

  • Students must maintain a minimum of 3.25 unweighted GPA each semester

  • Students must not have a letter grade below a "C" at any time

PART is synergistic with local school curriculums / pathways , building upon what the students learn in the classroom. The local high schools offer a variety of STEM classes, including engineering courses various levels of robotics.  We encourage students to pursue high quality STEM classes as part of their schedule.



We encourage students to get involved in STEM advocacy and community service.  Each student is required to complete a minimum number of robotics and technology community service hours each year.  


  • Mentoring local middle school teams

  • Teaching STEM classes to younger students

  • Demoing projects / community outreach at schools, community events, and after school programs

  • Others as approved by the PART Board

PARENT Support

Each family is expected to volunteer in some capacity.  Parents can indicate their areas of interest in the student application - including mentorship, fundraising, logistics, travel arrangements, supervision, and parent communications.

Financial commitment

The team's success depends on generous donations from parents, sponsors and businesses.  PART is a 501c3 tax exempt, charitable organization.  Donations are tax-deductible and will help pay for the purchase of robot parts, materials, and competition related expenses.  Donation avenues are through individual contributions, matching funds from an employer, and corporate sponsorships.  PART can accept both funds and product contributions

  • Each family is requested to make a donation to help defray costs for team equipment, tools, competition registrations, etc. Each family will be requested to completed a Donor Pledge form for the 2019-2020 season, with a recommended contribution of $300 for each participant.

  • Each team member must actively contribute to the VEX Summer Workshops fundraisers through advertising/class promotions, preparing curriculum and materials, and/or teaching classes

  • Students/parents must make accommodations and pay for personal costs (meals, travel, hotels when needed) to events.

  • Team members must assist in the search for community and /or corporate sponsors

If you are passionate about robotics and meet the team requirements, but have concerns about the overall financial commitment, please contact our Board of Directors at to explore assistance options.