Our 2018-2019 Season Robots

15lb NRL Combat BotS


PART’s first combat robot, Washing Machine equips a drum spinner - a wide vertical disk spinning quickly - to damage opposing robots and launch them into the air.

Awards: 1st Place - October Obliteration 2018 King of the Ring - Sparklecon Smash 2019

9th Place, NRL Nationals May 2019


Joining PART’s NRL lineup at Sparklecon Smash, Scott features a large horizontal spinning bar.

Awards: 2nd Place - Sparklecon Smash 2019

1lb - 3lb Insect Class Combat Bots

the dryer

Using a beater bar style drum spinner to damage opponents, The Dryer competed as PART’s first insect weight bot.

paper thin

Part’s first ant weight combat bot

VEX Turning Point BOTS


Built to compete in VEX’s Turning Point competition, 81818X focused on shooting with it’s 2 ball catapult.

Awards: Tournament Champion - Turning Point at the Bay #4 Robot Skills Champion - 3rd Annual NorCal Rumble Design Award - 3rd Annual NorCal Rumble Tournament Finalists NorCal Rumble

Build Award - California State Championship


Tournament Semi-finalists NorCal Rumble


Awards: Energy Award - 3rd Annual NorCal Rumble