Cavitt Cyber Cowboys 9537C and 9537D are competing in the VEX State Championship this weekend!

Congrats to @cavittjuniorhighschool teams 9537C and 9537D for reaching the VEX State Championship event, held this Sunday at Google in Sunnyvale.

9537D Qualified by winning the Design Award at an earlier competition - largely based on the strength of their amazing engineering notebook!

9537C focused on robot skills as their qualifying path, and at the last regular season tournament, scored 29 total points, ranking them 10th in the entire State, easily qualifying for a skills-based invitation.

Both Granite Bay based robotics teams have strong student-led teams and are in good position for them to do well this Sunday!

9537A/9537B also having a very good season - they will be showcasing their bots and the amazing Cavitt STEM program at the Placer County STEM Expo tomorrow, March 2nd

Go Cowboys!