3 weeks, 3 tournaments - we have a lot to catch up on! First up - Thank you Mr Dan Frank, Rocklin High School!

PART has been busy….crazy busy! Building 6 different bots for 3 tournaments, in two different robot sports, VEX and Combat Bots. We’ve had a tremendous amount of support from the Placer County community that we need to recognize!

First up….Dan Frank, from Rocklin High School, and FRC Team 6644!

Mr Frank opened up his manufacturing classroom/machine shop to help out our NRL program on short notice for some steel machining! Our team members were absolutely amazedly by the shop and sophistication of Dan Frank’s program. .

Check out this amazing video to learn more about the Rocklin CNC program, Mr Frank’s approach, and the support he gathered from Titan Manufacturing and others in the community!

Rocklin High School CNC Machining Academy


Good luck to Rocklin High FRC 6644, the Automic Automatons, at the upcoming FRC Regional in Davis March 20-23!