Congratulations to PART’s junior VEX team, 81818X on their win this weekend at Turning Point By The Bay! 81818X earned a qualification spot to the California VRC State Championships, and will be competing March 9th at the Sacramento site!

81818X dominated the preliminary rounds and went undefeated, but were ranked 3rd due to their tendency to run up the score! During alliance selection, the Robohawks (8000E) and Cheesy Poofs 254M (Bellarmine Prep Academy) both selected teams from their own schools. 81818X selected the 11th ranked team, 254X from Cheesy Poofs for their alliance.

Our local middle school team, Cavitt 9537 had 4 teams in the tournament, with 9537A, 9537C and 9537D all ranked well in the combination high school/middle school event. The alliance of 9537C/9537A even faced 81818X/254X in the quarter finals.

81818X/254X were a strong duo throughout the playoff rounds, defeating the #2 seed in the semi finals. In Finals, they got an early lead in the match and played strong defense for the overall victory Thank you to team 254X and congrats to both 254X and 254D for moving on to State!

Next up in VEX:

All 3 teams will be competing Feb 9th in Yuba City and Feb 16th in Mountain View (Google Signature).

Teams 81818A and 81818S are in the middle of their redesign / rebuild process for the upcoming competitions. Our hope is to have both of them qualify for the State Championship as as well and join 81818X at Sierra College to showcase Placer Advanced Robotics and Technology to the region!

The Sacramento site qualifying spots have been filling fast with powerhouse NorCal/Bay Area teams - always among the best at Worlds each year. Team 81818X is already working on a new design to step up it's game for the strong competition ahead with dreams to advanced to the VEX Worlds Championship at the end of April!